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Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan to Build Joint Electric Facilities

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan are to begin a joint project to build electric substations and transmission facilities, announced Kyrgyz deputy minister of Industry, Energy and Fuel Resources Akylbek Tyumenbaev in a statement to lawmakers. -- 07/03 >>>

The Power of Innovation

Dr. John Kao, author of best-selling Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity and Innovation Nation talks about the 'silent Sputnik' facing the United States and the potential of post-Soviet countries to compete in the global innovation race. -- 05/02 >>>

Regional Health Challenges Discussed in Turkmenistan

Over 100 participants, including health officials from the five Central Asian governments gathered on April 8 at a regional forum in Ashgabat discussing mother and child nutrition in Central Asia. -- 04/29 >>>

Turkmenistan Made Public Volume of Its Hydrocarbon Reserves

According to assessments of independent and Turkmen experts, Turkmenistan has 20.8 billion tons of oil and 24.6 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. -- 04/29 >>>

‘Russian GPS’ Market Expected to Reach $6 Billion by 2015

The general director of the Russian Institute of Radio Navigation, Sergei Pisarev, said on April 7 that Russia's satellite navigation services market will be worth 160 billion rubles ($6.6 billion) by 2015. -- 04/29 >>>

Academy of Sciences: Moldova Must Seek To Innovate Economy

Moldova is one of the most innovative countries in Eastern Europe according to inventions per capita, said academic Boris Gaina during the Kishinev XI scientific-practical symposium “AGEPI-Readings 2008”. -- 04/29 >>>

In Kyrgyzstan, Electrical Power Becomes a Commodity

On April 18 the Kyrgyz parliament passed a bill that would make electrical energy a commodity instead of a service.  -- 04/29 >>>

Armenia to End Gas Subsidy

As of 1 May 2008, the Armenian government will end the state subsidy for natural gas supply fees for households and enterprises.  -- 04/29 >>>

Tashkent Undertakes National Program to Improve Nutrition

Plans for a national nutrition improvement program were unveiled at a seminar in Tashkent organized by UNICEF and the Uzbek ministries involved in the program. -- 02/26 >>>

Moldovan Health Ministry Seeks Funds for Mumps Vaccine

The Ministry of Health of Moldova plans to buy an additional 600,000 doses of vaccine in connection with the increase in cases of mumps in the country. -- 01/31 >>>